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I'm Lauren, the creative force and mischief-maker behind Smash Crafts YYC!

What began as a Pandemic Project in 2020 has evolved into a passion for crafting cheeky, nerdy, and queer-inspired creations during my precious spare time.

While Smash Crafts is my creative playground, my day job takes me into the world of healthcare as a Registered Pharmacy Technician (RPhT). I've been navigating the intricacies of this field since 2011, reveling in the unique responsibilities and scope of practice that come with it.

Beyond the pharmacy shelves and Procreate doodles, my world revolves around my wonderful partner and our four feline companions – Billy, Louie, Leo, and Lola. Get ready for an abundance of adorable cat photos coming your way!

On the rare occasions I step out (a small miracle, honestly), you might find me at the Ship and Anchor Pub on 17th Ave in Calgary, immersing myself in the energetic atmosphere of Punk Rock Bingo on Tuesday nights.
If I'm not there, I'm probably indulging in board games or video games with friends, relishing the moments when I venture beyond the confines of my cozy abode.

Join me on this creative journey, and let's inject a bit of fun and whimsy into your world with Smash Crafts YYC. Whether you're a fellow nerd, a lover of all things cheeky, or just someone looking for a unique gift, I'm here to make your day a little brighter with my creations.


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